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  • Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software provides various features like Unlimited Messages sending, Multi-multimedia message sending, Numbers Filters, Groups Contacts Grabber, Anti Block Module, Sleep Control, Speed control, delay control etc.
  • Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software allows users to send text, images, videos, pdf, documents etc. Here, the user can find other various tools to verify and filter mobile numbers. Groups Contacts Grabber tool allows extracting all contacts from WhatsApp groups.
  • Bulk WhatsApp sender software anti-blocking tool reduces the chance to get blocked. This software is 100% safe and reliable and easy to use. Use WhatsApp bulk message sender to keep your account 100% secure.
  • All user can create and maintain WhatsApp marketing campaign and also control speed, a delay time between message and also user can control sleep time.

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software 2.0 Launched

  • Now in Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software 2.0 came with a new feature. Now you are able to extract group links by categories from the web.
  • You can also enter group links manually. Verify groups, Auto join And Auto Posting functionality available with New Version.

Software Features

Version 2.0 Features

  • Group Extractor By Category From Web
  • Groups Verifier Module
  • Auto Group join
  • Auto Group Posting

Version 1.0 Features

  • Complete WhatsApp Marketing Solution
  • Smooth way of sending messages
  • Multiple Account Supported
  • Allows Unlimited Messages
  • Allows Unlimited Multi-multimedia message (Images, Videos, PDF, Docs, PPT)
  • Numbers Filter Module
  • WhatsApp Groups Contacts Extractor Module
  • Anti Block Functionality With Multi text message
  • Sleep Control Feature
  • Speed Control Feature
  • Delay Control Feature

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